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Production and Broadcasting

About Qrodo

Qrodo is the premier production and broadcasting service of high quality live sporting events in the Nordic market. Everything required for production, distribution and a first-class viewer experience.

Everything LIVE

Every sporting event can now be broadcast live. The cost is reasonable and the technology easy to master. It's available to both professionals and beginners.

For sporting-right owners, event organisers, national and international federations, Qrodo offers tailor made business models based on goals whether they are increasing revenues or gaining publicity through maximum exposure.

Great Content

For News sites and Television we offer a great amount of unique sports content.

Qrodo has in house production capacity as well as cooperation with independent producers. Sports event organizers, National and International Sport Federation keep coming back to Qrodo for their broadcasting needs.

Qrodo in Numbers

are not broadcasted live. The goal of Qrodo is to challenge established media and provide the services to empower better coverage.
and 6 million viewers since the start. Qrodo and independent broadcaster use the propriatary Qrodo service to get best reach and payback for their efforts.
The world cup finals in Power lifting 2012 had 9600 unique live viewers. Since the beginning Qrodo have had 632 events with more than 1000 live viewers.
Table tennis, Dance, Equestrian sports and Power lifting have all had events with more than 100 000 views.
Our viewers watch in average 39 minutes of the live broadcasts. Far above the industry norm. Which in turn gives us better click-through rates for advertisements and better reach for brand building.

Our Services


A sports production can be anything from a father filming a game with a consumer camera and a laptop for streaming to NFL quality productions with 10 and more cameras, professional picture and sound, advanced sports graphics, replays and so forth.

  • Do it your self

    Many people chose to broadcast their own events. The tools and best knowledge that we have compiled is often sufficient to make decent broadcasts. However, most people do NOT have the professional cameras, microphones, mixers and encoder computers to deliver top level footage. For smaller events, it might be better than not doing anything.
  • Qrodo crew

    The Qrodo crew have all the equipment and experience to make NFL level broadcasts. Picture and sound. Commentators. Sport graphics, a professional touch and a lot of love for what we do will come through as a great viewer experience.
  • Independent Producer

    We provide our tools and service for any independent producer that live up to our quality standards. In Sweden we work with 14 different production companies of various scale. In Norway two and in Finland one. We connect the dots.

Sports Content

Everything that is broadcasted live is also recorded for later viewing. Scores, major incidents and comments are timestamped and saved for indexing and automated highlights generation.

  • Full Live Recording

    All live events are recorded for later viewing. If you arrive a few minutes late and want to go back a few minutes, or if you browse the archive for a VOD experience we have it ready for you.
  • Condensed

    Given a 7 hour broadcast, you might not like to sit through all of it. Often we prepare a condensed version of 15-20 minutes of the best material.
  • Highlights and other clips

    In a YouTube world people want shorter clips. In collaboration with the rights owner, we prepare 10-40 highlights from most events. These can be viewed at Qrodo, but also in local press, YouTube and other news channels.

Contact Us

Organizers; sponsors, sports clubs, companies in a sponsorship or a municipality, gain publicity or get new financing means by broadcasting your events through a well-known Web TV channel.

Qrodo distributes rights and quality broadcasts for a large number of sporting events every year. If you search for unique sporting content for your news feed, this is where you find it.